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AU Terra | Rekindle

OOC Information
Player Name: Ranko
Player Age: 26
Player Contact: AIM - Rainykoi, Skype - gaia_bane1, plurk - [ profile] balanceweaver
Player/Character HMD: Character HMD located here.
Other characters in game: N/A

IC Information
Character Name: Terra
Character Canon: Kingdom Hearts, AU
Character Age/Gender: Physical age - 21, Chronological age - 32
Canon Point: Mid Dream Drop Distance
Character Canon History: Wiki link for Terra's canon history is here.
Character Personality: At first glance, Terra would seem like a distant, tired, and intense young man, one who almost constantly seems to be lost in thought and radiating a sense of guilt for some unknown action. After eleven years of being trapped in an internal against the darkness of Master Xehanort's heart, and the power of his motives and memories overriding his own (even in his own body after the loss of his Heart), that first impression is hardly inaccurate.

Terra has changed much over his eleven-year ordeal. He has had to learn how to be patient, as the struggle for control of his Heart and Body have left him weary and worn down. However, his will is strong, and he is determined to not let Xehanort keep him from his friends forever. To that end, he has been forced to concentrate on not letting any more of his memories and personality drift away. These memories surfaced in Xemnas, who kept secret the whereabouts of Aqua's abandoned armor and Keyblade in a hidden room in Radiant Garden, and even would visit the armor and speak at length with it, calling it an 'old friend'. It is more than likely that this was Xemnas somehow confusing himself with the remnants of Terra in his memory, which continued to fight for supremacy over control over his own body.

This stubborn refusal to give up the fight shows a fierce determination that Terra has always exhibited, first in his determination to prove his worth of earning the Mark of Mastery, and then in his willingness to do anything to protect his friends from the machinations of Master Xehanort's plan--even if it meant giving in and accepting that rests in his Heart. Even during the years of bondage in his own Heart, it was his determination to put things right again with his friends and fix not only his mistakes, but the damage wrought upon the many worlds by Master Xehanort, that kept him somewhat sane.

This determination only plays into just how stubbornly goal-oriented Terra could and can be. With his life-long goal of becoming a Keyblade Master, and then his goals of stopping the threat of the Unversed, finding Master Xehanort, stopping Vanitas, and then finally to stop Master Xehanort from harming his friends, Terra is goal-oriented to the point where sometimes, he sees the bigger picture first. This is shown by how he acted in several worlds he visited--the Dwarf Woodlands, where after defending Snow White from the sudden appearance of Unversed, he heads back to the castle instead of chasing after her into the woods to make sure she's all right, and again in Enchanted Dominion, where instead of trying to find where Aurora's Heart has gone and immediately right the wrong committed by Maleficent, he instead leaves the world to continue his search for Master Xehanort, vowing to return someday and put right the wrong he had been forced to commit.

Being merged with Xehanort had a couple of positive effects on Terra beyond learning how to be patient. After his time spent as the 'shoulder angel' of the amnesia-stricken 'apprentice' and as a side-effect of holding the memories of that young man within him, he has gained an appreciation for knowledge. His curiosity about other worlds, their cultures, and their inhabitants has grown to a point where he will likely be found often enough with a book in his hand about some subject or another. Likewise, Xehanort's eye for detail has rubbed off on Terra to some degree, allowing him to see details about people and places that in his pre-possession days, he would've missed entirely.That eye for detail comes in handy when it comes to figuring out how Xehanort thinks and what his long-term plans were, as well as planning for future events.

Even though he has changed dramatically, there is a great deal about Terra that has remained the same. Terra is, has, and always will be fiercely loyal to the memories of his Master and his two best friends, Aqua and Ventus. The connection that he had with Aqua and Ven was a very strong one--strong enough that their bond is all but unbreakable. He is protective of his friends--not so much as to be overly so, as it was Terra that told Aqua that Ven would be all right when danger suddenly broke out during their Mark of Mastery exam, as Ven had been out there on the training grounds practicing just as long and as hard as Terra and Aqua had.

The core of who he is--an honorable warrior who strives to follow his Heart, protect those that are important to him, and stubbornly follow the path that he thinks is right is still there, as well as the good-natured big-brother figure that Ven would remember, but those parts of him are buried. It will take considerable effort and patience to bring those parts back out of him, but with time Terra will be able to open up and relax, letting the good-natured young man he is at heart out. However, he will never be as care-free as he once was. But, it is possible to make him smile again, and all he needs is a reminder on how to be himself again to do it.

It's Terra's inherent good nature that leads him to try and comfort those in need, or offer helpful advice where he feels it is necessary. Almost on instinct, Terra knows just what to say or what gesture to make that will lift the spirits or resolve of those he is trying to help, as evidence by his words to Cinderella--"Strength of Heart will carry you through the toughest of trials"--or by his gesture to the disheartened Ven, who was bummed over always losing his sparring matches with Terra. Terra's 'Inheritence Ceremony' of passing on his training Keyblade to Ven, as well as the affirmation that he, Aqua and Ven all share the same dream, served to cheer up his friend when he needed it the most.

Of course, things can't always be all sunshine and rainbows or gloom and guilt with Terra. He actually has something of a temper, and it's not too hard to figure out what buttons to push in order to trigger that temper. It all comes back to Aqua and Ven. Should anyone question his loyalty to his friends, or threaten to harm them in any way, Terra will be the first one to put himself between the aggressor and them. Eraqus himself found this out in what is quite possibly the most heartbreaking way possible when he attempted to 'erase' Ventus in order to prevent the creation of the X-Blade. Not knowing the reasons why or even caring, Terra put himself between his father figure and his best friend. "You may be my Master, but I will not let you hurt my friend!" He will defend his friends to the end, and anyone that insults them in any way will be on his 'Do Not Like' list.

Terra's temper has and can often get the better of him, as it was the loss of his temper that led to his downfall to begin with at the Keyblade Graveyard. Giving in to his rage at Xehanort over causing the death of Master Eraqus and his threat to end the lives of both of his friends was what allowed his inner darkness to surge forth to the surface, and it was this same Darkness that allowed Master Xehanort to possess Terra's body and attempt to steal it for himself.

All in all? While Terra might at the moment just be a shell of his former self, it is possible for him to regain much of what he lost. However, he will never be the innocent, optimistic person he was when his journey started out nearly a decade ago. The pause that had been put on his life and the damage that was wrought can never be undone, but his spirit never broke, even in his darkest hours. And it is that spirit--that strength of will-- that has been part of Terra since the very beginning, and will always be recognizable to those who knew him best.

AU Information:
A list form of the AU changes can be found below. Note that the information is incomplete, as this is a bare-bones summary that focuses only on what happens to Terra and on what Terra, Amnesianort, and Xemnas would know or be able to figure out.

- The end result of the battle at the end of the Final Episode is not Xehanort sealing away Terra's heart, but Terra sealing away 'both' of their hearts. Terra's last conscious memory of Aqua is of her falling into the Realm of Darkness as his possessed self is carried up.
- The amnesia that Terra-Xehanort has upon waking after the fight is real, with Terra's heart having more influence on the growing heart and personality of the new personality.
- Due to Terra's influence on the new personality, Braig's progression as one of the thirteen vessels of Xehanort is sped up. By the time Radiant Garden falls, he is at least half Xehanort.
- Upon the loss of his heart, there are two 'seeds' left behind in Xemnas - one for Xehanort's heart, and one for Terra's.
- Sora uses the Keyblade of People's Hearts to free Kairi's heart, creating Roxas and Naminè. When Xemnas finds and recruits Roxas, he 'feels' a pang where his heart would be and finds the boy to be strangely familiar-looking. He winds up taking a more active interest in the thirteenth member, though he tries to be subtle about it.
- There is an increased amount of time spent in the Chamber of Repose, where Aqua's armor is stored. Here, the fragments of Terra strengthen and are able to slowly cut away at the pieces of Xehanort taking root in the slowly growing Heart of the Nobody.
- Around three-quarters of the way through the events of 358/2 Days, Xemnas 'loses his patience' over the lack of progress regarding finding the chamber hidden away in Castle Oblivion that he knows is there and goes to the castle to look for it himself. He essentially lets himself get lost in the castle and finds his way to the Chamber of Awakening, where Ven still sleeps.
- Seeing the sleeping Ven gives Xemnas one of those memory migraines, and he actually remembers something for once, instead of being left with vague impressions- the memory of when Terra and Aqua first met Ven, and the memory that involved Terra giving his wooden Keyblade to Ven. From that, he gets not only his original name, but the names of the boy in front of him and the girl who had kept him from falling into the Realm of Darkness all those years ago.
- When Xemnas leaves Castle Oblivion, it's with three new goals in mind; discover how Ven and Sora are connected, find Aqua, and figure out how to wake Ven up, all while keeping up appearances within Organization XIII.
- The Terra fragments in Xemnas start to take over at an increased rate, at the cost of forsaking shards of Terra's memories. By half-way through Kingdom Hearts 2, Terra has merged with Xemnas to the point that it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. He begins sabotaging Organization XIII from the inside, and has Kairi kidnapped to give Sora and Riku concrete motive to wipe them all out.
- Near the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, the merger is complete, at the cost of most of Terra's memories and a very thorough knowledge of what Xehanort's plans/back-up plans entail.
- When Ansem the Wise tries to convert the false Kingdom Hearts into data with a machine built just for that task, Terra/Xemnas goes to investigate, and runs into the whole party. Instead of a villain speech, he delivers... something of an apology, along with a promise to end it once and for all.
- The encoder self-destructs, with Ansem the Wise and Terra/Xemnas taking the brunt of the blow. When the light/power of the explosion restores Riku to his proper appearance and drives out all trace of Xehanort from him, it does the same for Terra.
- When the party escapes, they take a still unconscious Terra with them. He wakes up in Yen Sid's tower just as the party leaves to take care of sealing Kingdom Hearts.
- When Mickey returns, he informs Yen Sid about something Sora told him about - a portal to the Keyblade Graveyard located within his own castle. Terra overhears this, and Yen Sid suggests that Mickey take Terra along, not expecting shenanigans to occur.
- Newsflash, shenanigans occur. Very painful shenanigans that a newly-restored, barely cognitive Terra really shouldn't have to deal with - like fighting his own Lingering Will.
- He still deals with it to the best of his ability - Mickey, you rock at healing - and his refusal to back down sparks some kind of recognition in the Lingering Will, making it back down.
- The Lingering Will sacrifices itself to partially restore Terra's mind and return Ends of the Earth to it's rightful owner. His armor reforms around his left arm on top of the coat. and Terra passes out after the fight.
- After waking up and resting for a few days, Terra tells Yen Sid that he's going looking for Aqua. After a few preparations and some brief good-byes, he uses a Corridor of Darkness to go to the Realm of Darkness to begin the search. He runs into trouble soon after arriving.
-Mid-way through battling the Hunter in the Dark (the Red-Eyed Heartless), Aqua intervenes and saves Terra. They retreat to the beach, where Ansem the Wise still is. All three of them soon return to the Realm of Light.
- Sora and Riku start their Mark of Mastery exam shortly before Terra and Aqua return to the 
-Terra escorts Aqua and Ansem to Radiant Garden - Ansem, to rest somewhere safe and recover his memory, and Aqua to recover her armor.

Character Abilities: Detailed wiki link? Pfff. I have it all written out!

As one of the Keyblade's chosen, Terra was trained for years in the arts of swordsmanship and magic. Fighting comes as naturally to him as breathing does, and given that at the start of the game, he was qualified to take the Mark of Mastery exam, Terra is a very powerful young man, and on his own, he is capable of taking on boss-level Unversed without much of a problem.
  • Blade: Being trained under the watchful eye of a wise and powerful Keyblade Master, Terra is fully versed in the ways of swordsmanship. Given his tall, powerful build, it comes as no surprise that he favors a style that while lacking in speed, compensates with power. He tends to favor a one-handed fighting stance, but tends to shift easily between one and two-handed grips on the hilt of his blade. He doesn't string combos as easily as Ventus, nor is he as agile as Aqua, but each hit with his weapon deals a great deal of damage.
  • Command: The command deck is, essentially, a list of all the abilities that Terra, Aqua, and Ventus can access at any given time. The types of commands can sometimes vary between the three, but the majority of the commands are accessible by all three characters. In order to access many of the higher-level spells, lower-level abilities must be 'melded' together. This is, predictably, called 'Command Melding', and is a skill necessary in discovering new, more powerful techniques.
    • Attack/Physical: Like Aqua and Ventus, Terra is capable of using what essentially amounts to specialized attacks to great effect. These attacks blend Terra's sword skills with his magic, creating a varied amount of sword attacks that cause differing amounts of damage. These attacks can be filed into three categories, depending on the ease of execution and the amount of power placed into it: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate.
      • Basic: Binding Strike | Blitz | Quick Blitz | Strike Raid | Sliding Dash | Stun Edge | Confusion Strike | Fire Strike | Fire Surge
      • Advanced: Aerial Slam | Brutal Blast | Collision Magnet | Fire Dash | Dark Haze | Freeze Raid | Thunder Surge | Break Time (Terra, stop doing handstand push-ups in the middle of a fight, I don't care of they heal you)
      • Ultimate: Ars Solum | Geo Impact | Limit Storm | Magnet Spiral | Meteor Crash | Sonic Blade | Windcutter | Zantetsuken
    • Spell/Mind: Because of the Keyblade's nature, it acts as a perfect focus and amplifier for any latent magical ability. While Aqua is the most skilled magic manipulator of the three, Terra is by no means incapable of wielding it. Terra is capable of casting all of the elemental spells of his world, as well as the healing spells, status effects, and various other magics meant for crowd control.
      • Basic: Fire | Blizzard | Thunder | Aero | Cure | Magnet | Zero Gravity | Fira | Blizzara | Thundara | Aerora | Cura | Magnera | Zero Gravira | Bind | Sleep | Slow | Stop | Stopra | Poison
      • Advanced: Firaga | Blizzaga | Thundaga | Aeroga | Curaga | Magnega | Zero Graviga | Stopga | Fission Firaga | Crawling Fire | Mine Shield | Mine Square | Esuna | Ignite
      • Ultimate: Meteor | Quake | Mega Flare | Trancendence | Mini | Warp - | Dark Firaga
    • Move/Defense/Reprise: There are a small, but not insignificant number of passive abilities that are incredibly useful in a combat situation, or even just as a means of getting around a little bit easier.
      • Movement - Jump | High Jump | Slide | Air Slide | Ice Slide | Sonic Impact
      • Defense - Block | Focus Block | Poison Block | Renewal Block | Stun Block
      • Reprisals - Counter Hammer | Payback Fang
    • Group: There are a small, but effective list of abilities that Terra is capable of us when fighting alongside others. These abilities range from powerful healing magics to an extremely powerful combo attack. Their only limit is that for the majority of them, in order to be cast, must be used when Terra is fighting beside another person or in a group. Those that can be cast on their own fall more into the range of support spells, or are simply more effective when cast as a group.
      • Basic - Group Cure - Media | Union Rush (Now's our chance for an all-out attack!) | Victory Stance
      • Advanced - Group Cura | Group Curaga | Group Esuna | Confetti | Fireworks | Taunt | Vanish | Voltage Stack | Trinity Limit
  • Finish - All attack strings must end, and usually end with some kind of finishing strike. These are the various finishers that Terra has gained access to over the course of his journey.
    • Level One - Finish
    • Level Two - Heat Slash | Rising Rock 1 | Gold Rush
    • Level Three - Rising Rock 2 | Ramuh's Judgement | Twisted Hours | Surprise!
    • Level Four - Heal Strike | Dark Star 1 | Random End | Surprise! 2
    • Level Five - Dark Star 2 | Explosion
    • Level 6 - Demolition
  • Passive - While these abilities aren't actively used in battle, each Keybearer has a list of passive abilities that aid them in battle in some way, shape, or form.
    • Treasure - Treasure Magnet | HP Prize Plus | Link Prize Plus | Lucky Strike
    • Status - HP Boost | Fire Boost | Blizzard Boost | Thunder Boost | Cure Boost | Item Boost | Attack Haste | Magic Haste | Combo F Boost | Finish Boost | Fire Screen | Blizzard Screen | Thunder Screen | Dark Screen | Reload Boost | Defender
    • Support - Combo Plus | Air Combo Plus | EXP Chance | EXP Walker | Damage Syphon | Second Chance | Once More | Scan | Leaf Bracer
  • D-Link: Terra has in his possession a special good-luck charm made for him by Aqua, one of his best friends and fellow apprentice of Master Eraqus. This charm was given to him on the night before the Mark of Mastery exam, and Terra has carried it with him every since. This charm, known as a Wayfinder, has powerful magic weaved into it's construction, connecting the Hearts of the three Keybearers together in an unbreakable bond. This charm could also be used to draw strength from those bonds, as well as the bonds that each of the three Keybearers made over their journey eleven years ago. Those bonds, known as Dimension Links, or D-Links for short, can be used to call on the strength of a person's heart from far off and add it to that of the one activating the link in the first place. In-game, this grants the user access to the bond-mate's specific Command Deck. While the Wayfinder is not necessary to form the bonds that create a D-Link, it is necessary for Terra to be able to activate the D-Links with anyone but those that hold the strongest bonds with his heart.
  • Aura: The heart of Terra's strength was not his skill with the Keyblade, or even his use of more battle-oriented magic spells, but rather in his skill of taking the power of his Heart and blending it with the magic-channeling properties of the Keyblade to amplify the damage of his attacks and create special combo finishing techniques. While this is something that all three apprentices are versed in, Terra seems to have more of these 'command styles' at his disposal. There are certain conditions that need to be met in order to activate a particular command style, with these conditions unique to the command style that it is activating.
    • Critical Impact: This is Terra's primary command style, and one of three that are exclusive to him. Terra emits a gold aura, and proceeds to use slow but powerful three-hit combos that deal 125% of the normal damage rating. The combo finisher is a downward slash that deals 250% normal damage. The 'finish command', Critical Impact, which uses up the remainder of the command style's power, has Terra jumping up and smashing his Keyblade into the ground, creating a small explosion that deals 400% normal damage to any enemies within range of the blast. Physical attacks such as Aerial Slam, Blitz, or Sonic Blade are needed to activate this style.
    • Firestorm: Four-hit combos of Fire-type attacks that deal 125% the normal damage rating. The third hit of the combo creates a fire projectile that deals 75% normal damage, while the finishing spin seals 200% normal damage. The finish command, Firestorm, is a two-hit combo that has Terra jump and fire off four balls of flame that, upon hitting the ground, create pillars of fire that encompass the target. Both of these strikes deal 250% damage apiece. As the name suggest, Fire-based attacks or spells must be used to activate this style, such as Fire Dash, Fire/Fira, or Fire Surge.
    • Diamond Dust: Four-hit combos of Blizzard-type attacks that deal 125% damage. Many hits also generate pillars of ice that deal 100% damage. The combo finisher generages pillars of ice that spin around Terra at a fast rate, dealing 300% damage. The finish command, Diamond Dust, is a Keyblade swing that creates a field of ice spears and pillars at Terra's feet that explodes into deadly ice shards. The swing, the generating of the ice pillars/spears, and the shards of ice each deal 300% damage. As the type of damage suggests, Ice-type attacks such as Freeze Raid, Blizzard/Blizzara, or Deep Freeze.
    • Thunderbolt: A four-hit combo of Thunder-type attacks that deal 130% damage. Some hits generate lightning bolts that deal 60% extra damage. The combo-finishing lunge deals 200% damage. The finish command, Thunderbolt, is a series of three wide-range electrical bursts that deal 280% damage to all enemies in range. Thunder-based attacks such as Thunder/Thundara, Thunder Surge, or Stun Edge are needed to activate this command style.
      • Rockbreaker: A secondary command style, and the second of three command styles that are exclusive to Terra. As with all secondary command styles, Terra must be in a primary command style first in order to tap into this more powerful variant under normal conditions. In this particular command style, every swing of Terra's weapon is accompanied by rock debris and shrapnel, which culminates in an area attack where Terra calls up boulders and other large chunks of earthen debris around the area to pummel and obliterate a large group of enemies, or heavily damage one rather strong enemy. Mine attacks such as Mine Shield or Mine Square, edge-type attacks such as Stun Edge, or Brutal Blast are necessary in order to activate this style.
      • Blade Charge: A secondary command style, Terra must be in a primary command style before he can tap into this more powerful form. A beam of light extends from Terra's weapon, extending his reach by double as well as increase the damage dealt. This eventually culminates in Terra swinging his weapon in a circular motion over his head, whipping up winds with the rapid movement and drawing in enemies. Because of the extended length of the blade, any enemies drawn in during this final maneuver are slashed to bits. Magic commands such as the Fire or Blizzard series, or Strike attacks like Fire Strike are necessary for activating this style.
      • Dark Impulse: A secondary command style, Terra must be in a primary command style before he can tap into this more powerful form or in a highly emotionally-driven state of mind. Activation of this command style requires the use of Darkness-based commands, Magnet-based commands, or Zero Gravity-based ones. An aura of darkness surrounds Terra while he deals Dark-based damage that is nearly twice as powerful as his normal melee attacks.
  • Focus: Another shared ability between all three apprentices of Eraqus is the ability to use a certain type of magic known as a 'shotlock'. These shotlocks are incredibly powerful attacks that, while they take a moment of concentration that puts the user at risk, when timed right can eliminate large masses of enemies, or deal massive amounts of damage to a single foe. While each character has access to a large number of the same shotlocks, these are the three that are exclusive to Terra.
    • Sonic Shadow: Terra becomes one with the shadows and rushes his enemies repeatedly, blinding a target with every successful hit. When the maximum amount of targets has been reached, Terra can also cause explosions centered around each enemy he hits.
    • Dark Volley: Much in the same manner as Ragnarok, Terra fires multiple projectiles of dark-tinged flames--up to 18-- at any enemies within range. Depending on the level of concentration put into the attack, up to 5 more volleys of projectiles can be fired, should any targets remain after the initial hit.
    • Ultima Cannon: Terra's ultimate Shotlock, which can only be gained in-canon by completing a very difficult fight in the Mirage Arena. Terra transforms his Keyblade into a rather large weapon that causes massive explosions with every blast. With good timing, Terra can make these energy bullets fired by the weapon to not only cause the extreme amounts of damage, but to cause them to detonate on impact with a target.
  • Sense: Terra, like his Master and his peer, Aqua, is capable of sensing the Light and Darkness in the Hearts of others. His senses aren't as well-tuned as Aqua's, and though he is very likely out of practice in this regard, he can still determine how much Light and Dark is in any one person's Heart, or at the very least determine which side the lean towards the most. This sense also extends into a sort of... sense of precognition regarding anyone has an incredibly strong connection to his Heart, as shown by seeing the vision of the sixteen-year old Riku not long after meeting the boy. Terra's Light and Dark senses do have their limits, as unless it's a very strong light or a very strong darkness, he has to be actively feeling for it in order to glean any more information than what he manages to sense on instinct.
  • Sync: As an unexpected side-effect of Eraqus's heart being merged with his own and granting him the strength needed to actually retain his sense of 'self' as Xehanort suppressed his Heart and Mind, Terra has the passive ability known as 'Synchblade', which allows a Keybearer to wield two Keyblades at once. Only a Keybearer whose heart is merged or connected to the Heart of another Keybearer is capable of gaining this passive ability. While he is unaware that he is even capable of it, should a desperate-enough situation ever arise, he will be able to call a second Keyblade to his hand. Should Terra find himself ever activating this ability, he will be able to dual-wield Ends of the Earth and Stormfall.
  • Light: While minor, Terra is capable of utilizing Light to open portals between locations and worlds. The pathways between worlds, known as the Lanes Between, are only capable of being opened by a Keybearer. There is also the possibility that due to the presence of Master Eraqus's heart within his own, Terra will be able to use some of the Light-based abilities that his master could use with enough concentration and training in their use. It is possible to use Light to form a corridor that will act as a short-cut to other places in the city or on the world that have been discovered, but these corridors of light have their limits - he will not be able to use them to escape Saeng Seong, nor can he open a pathway to a place he has never seen or been.
  • Nothingness and Darkness: Because of the nature of his 'rebirth', Terra will have access to downgraded versions of Xemnas's abilities, which include the following--
    • Corridors of Darkness: Much in the same manner as with Light, Terra can use Darkness to create portals to other worlds. These particular kinds of portals, known as the Corridors of Darkness, are essentially rips in the fabric of reality, creating... well, a short-cut between two places. A wormhole, if you will. This shortcut is the Corridor itself, and it's exactly what it says on the tin; a tunnel through a separate plan of existence that connects two distance spots and allows for near-instanteous travel. Note - like the Light equivalent, these Corridors will not enable Terra to leave the world he has been brought to.
    • Localized Teleportation: Using Darkness as a medium, Terra is capable of teleporting several feet away in a pinch during a fight. This has it's limits, as it is primarily a battle-based skill, and will have a maximum range of.
    • Barriers: Using both Darkness and magic, Terra will be able to form magic barriers in combat our outside of it. These barriers are transparent and impassible; weapons and spells of all kinds bounce right off of them, forcing any opponent to physically go around the barrier to deal any kind of damage to their creator.
    • Impulse: A non-elemental attack that greatly resembles lightning, this is a very flexible spell that can do varying amounts of damage, depending on how much magic Terra pours into the spell.
Supplemental - Weaknesses

As overpowered as Terra might seem just looking over his skill list, there are several glaring weaknesses that he has that heavily impact how he uses his skill set. Without the well of Darkness that the pieces of Xehanort's heart provided, Terra will not be able to use the abilities he inherited from Xemnas to their full capacity without causing strain on his heart. As the Light in his heart continues to recover, he'll find that some of those same abilities will become harder to activate with Darkness alone. 

Character Inventory:

Keyblade - The Keyblade is a spectacular weapon in it's own right, and is quite possibly the most unique weapon in the Kingdom hearts universe as far as special traits and capabilities go. It serves as the Green Lantern Ring of the Kingdom Hearts series, as the Keyblade only goes to one that has been chosen to receive it via a Rite of Inheritance ceremony, and has some manner of sentience. A Master can choose who they would like as their apprentice, but it is ultimately up to the Keyblade itself whether it will accept the Master's choice in a candidate.

However, once the Keyblade has chosen a bearer and the bearer has manifested their Keyblade, it's abilities are completely open for it's wielder to use. The Keyblade is capable of locking or unlocking any lock, whether physical or metaphysical. Some Keyblades are even capable of unlocking a person's Heart, though this seems to be a trait only those blades from the Realm of Darkness have. With some concentration, the Keyblade is also capable of being transformed into a personalized Glider that allows it's bearer swift passage through the Lanes Between--the pathways between the worlds utilized by those with the training and a Keyblade to unlock them. This 'shapeshifting' ability doesn't seem to be limited to simply forming a glider, as the Lingering Will has been seen transforming it's Keyblade into a small arsenal of weapons ranging from a chain whip, a claymore/broadsword, a bow, a glaive, and a few others. If you can think it up, you can (with some concentration) transform your blade into something else. Theoretically, this should be possible for any Keyblade Wielder to do with the right amount of training.

The Keyblade also serves as a natural amplifier of one's natural fighting capabilities, as well as a perfect focus for casting magic, though spell casting can remain largly unaffected should the caster not channel their power through the Keyblade. Keybearers are capable of dealing out far larger amounts of damage with the same amount of power than if another weapon was used. Unversed, Heartless, Nobodies--all of them that, with a Keyblade would only be felled in one or two strikes, would instead take far longer to defeat. Keybearers are also capable of withstanding far greater amounts of damage than they would be able to without it, and they are capable of performing feats that would appear to be super-human, such as carving through buildings without a hint of effort, defeating opponents far larger than themselves, and withstanding falls and impacts that would normally kill a person.

The Keyblade has the ability to change it's shape and properties depending on the Keychains that are attached to the blade. Keychains have no in-canon explanation for how they're formed, though one can assume that they're like a physical manifestation/representation of a powerful bond that has been formed between the Keybearer and another person.

Terra's default Keyblade will alternate between Stormfall and Ends of the Earth. The stats of the two blades individually are as follows:

- Strength +5, Magic +4, 50% crit rate, with Critical hits doing 1.35% damage
Ends of the Earth - Strength +5, Magic +3, 50% crit rate, with Critical hits doing 1.35% damage

+1 Ethereal Blades - Xemnas's spiritual weapons, born from his mastery over the Darkness and strange 'Nothingness' elements, manifest as twin blades of pure energy. Their default form in Kingdom Hearts 2 is Interdiction, twin red blades that more resemble lightsabers. Using 'gears', the 358/2 Days version of Keychains, any member of Organization XIII can change the properties of their weapon much in the same way that Keychains do for the Keyblade. The currently equipped gear for these weapons is Pandora's Gear, which changes the shape of the Ethereal Blades from the default (Interdiction) to a form known as Infinity. This form more resembles a sword than a single beam of light, with a sunset-like coloring scheme.

+1 Keyblade Armor - Terra, like Aqua and Ven, has a magic suit of armor. In it's 'default' or resting mode, it resembles a gauntlet that he wears on his left arm. When a button on the pauldron is pressed, the armor becomes 'active', encasing Terra in head-to-toe plate armor that fits him like a glove. This armor, while offering no outstanding defense boosts while being worn outside of the obvious, is highly Darkness-resistant, and is primarily used by the Keyblade-wielding trio as a form of protection while they travel the Lanes Between.

+1 Black Coat - Originally crafted by persons unknown during the days of the Keyblade War and used by Master Xehanort a millennium later, the Black Coat serves as the default uniform for members of both the old and new versions of Organization XIII. The coat has properties that make it very similar in function to the Keyblade Armor worn by the Keybearers of eras past, but with a few additions that makes the coat unique.

First, it gains an elemental defense ability based on the element of the Nobody that wore it. For Xemnas, this was expressed as a nullification of the Dark/Nul (emptiness) element that he held power over. With Terra now possessing the coat, the Darkness/Nul nullification effect has been reduced to a simple 25% of what it was once capable of. However, with Terra's affinity for Earth-based spells, it has gained the ability to nullify attack of that element that are used against him while he wears the coat.

Second, and most important, the coat has the ability to completely mask the heart/presence of the wearer for so long as they have the hood of the coat up. Once the hood is lowered and the identity of the wearer revealed, they can now be detected. This makes the Black Coat excellent for stealth and reconnaissance missions.

This coat will likely be in his closet upon his return.

+ 5 Hi Potions - Heal the target for 60% total health.
+ 5 Ethers - restores 30% of the target's mana.
+ 3 Elixer - Restores 100% of the target's health and mana.

[ Third Person ]
The room is small, but comfortable. The colors are a far-cry from his old quarters in the Castle that Never Was; warm earth and sunset tones, rich wood finishes, a neutral beige for the walls.

It's strange, being in a place that is so inviting.

Terra stands in front of a full-length mirror, one of only two mirrors in the apartment. The sight of a figure in a black coat is reflected back at him, the hood up and shadows completely obscuring the features of the person beneath. The weather-worn armor on his left arm no longer shines with the polish it once held, the pieces no longer moving quite right due to trapped sand and grit. Beyond the armor, there is no indication that he is anyone other than the Superior of Organization XIII.

Slowly, he raises his hands and lightly grasps the edges of the hood. There's a pause as he continues to stare, hesitation entering his reflection's body language. Does he... even want to see?

The hood is lowered, and he finds himself studying the face in the mirror. With the hesitation still in his body language, he takes a few steps forward, and then lays a hand on the mirror.

"This... is me?" His own voice surprises him with how rough it sounds, but he puts that surprise aside to concentrate on his reflection.

The image staring back at him conflicted with what he felt he should be seeing. Long brown hair instead of the shorter style he knew logically wasn't there, but still somehow expected. He's pale, the once-healthy sun tan he'd held gone from a lack of sunlight. The eyes are blue once more, but somehow... flat. No, that wasn't right...

'Haunted... that's it.'  The shape of his face was the same, the coloring was almost back to how it should have been, but his eyes somehow reflected everything he had gone through. Every struggle for control, every evil he'd witnessed or committed.

Every fight he had ever lost, and the precious people that he still searched for..

White, orange, and dark brown overtakes his color scheme for a second in the reflection, and he flinches back in surprise and horror. But, he blinks, and he's back to normal.

No white. No orange. No trace of Xemnas in his appearance, save for the shape of his face and the length of his hair. He takes a calming breath, trying to get his heart to stop beating so fast. 'It's over. He's not here anymore. Breathe, Terra.'

He releases the breath and he then turns away from the mirror, no longer able to stand looking at the reflection. 'It doesn't matter.' He could just take down the mirrors. It would be easy enough. But ...

That wouldn't save him from glass in the windows, or any other reflective surface. If that happened again where someone could see...

He walks over to his bed, sits down, and begins to take off his armor piece by piece. Cleaning it and polishing it would give him something to do; something to get his mind off of the haunted look he had seen in his own eyes.

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